Mixing It Up

As a lifetime student of all things design I am greatly aware of those set in stone rules of do's and don'ts and I do believe there is a time to follow and a time to break those rules...That being said, I often find myself making, and sticking to, my own. For years I've been a lover of mixing and matching (starting with fashion) colors, patterns, textures, finishes and the like and having people tell me how something didn't look right or there was too much going on. I was wearing, and using, mixed metals before it was cool. I remember years ago watching one of the many daytime TV shows and seeing a fashion "expert" saying something like "Pick a metal and stick to it!" and I've heard time and time again how you're not supposed to use more than three colors in any given space and how you may use more than one pattern as long as they are in the same color family and I know we've all heard that color wheel trick. Like I said, sometimes those rules should be followed so things won't get too busy. But at the same time your home and your fashion choices are all so very personal and you and only you have to live with them and love them so do what works for YOU. Please enjoy this post of things that I love. Stay a while and come back soon!

Blue Velvet
I love the pillows and the contrast with the sofa

Stephanie Vogler's place in Stayle at Home Magazine - Photos by Janis Nicolay  Holiday decorating ideas
 Gorgeous mirror and the contrasting finish and style of the side table make this vignette very appealing 

velvet couch, bright pillows, patterned rug.
I adore the mix of patterns and colors 

I love the mixture of brass and silver on the side table and the striped blanket mixed with the geometric print of the rug. Also, the femininity of the decor and the almost masculine nature of the walls and the exposed bulb makes this such a smart design. 

Seagrass + La Florentina Fabric + Neutral Sofa, Saarinen Coffee Table

Those pillows!!...need I say more?

Home by Angie Hranowsky...LOOOOVE that rug!

via BHG
I can count at least 7 patterns and even more colors, yet somehow this just works!

all photos via my pinterest
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