Christmas Gifts For The Home

With the Holidays coming up most of us are concentrating on gifts for ourselves and others. We're on the hunt for the perfect little something for our parents, children, spouses and best friends. But what about our homes? I'm not talking about Christmas decor, just a gift like any other but just happens to be for your home. Now is the perfect time to buy more expensive decor items that you might not otherwise purchase. 
Here are some ideas for that perfect Christmas present for your home.
Please enjoy!

for entertaining
 for accessorizing 

1. Cognac Tray | $30
2. Cork Servers | $68
3. Marni Glass | $20
4. Friendship Tray | $66
7. Brass Peace Sign | $168
8. Sig Side Tables | $195+
9. Ceramic Candles | $65
10. Black Heart Bowl | $18

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